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reconditioned propellers

Reconditioned propellers

What is a reconditioned prop?

Our reconditioned propellers are props that have been used once; not damaged, or only slightly dinged; fully restored to factory new condition, or have not been run at all but have been on someone's shelf too long to be regarded as "new."

Reconditioned propellers may be:

  • They may be from one of our many bulk purchases from marinas not wishing to bother with repairing them for their own sale of reconditioned propellers

All reconditioned propellers are checked for balance, pitch and diameter before being offered for sale.

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Purchasing reconditioned propellers

We have one of the largest inventories of reconditioned propellers, both inboard and outboard, in the Pacific Northwest. The prices are usually between one-half and two-thirds the price of the same propeller new.

Reconditioned propellers can save the price of a new prop, or can be an economical alternative for a spare propeller. Please call us at (425) 743-9100 to see if we have a reconditioned prop for you.

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