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Nautilloy® Propeller Shafting

Nautilloy® is a computer-modeled high tech specialty stainless steel. It incorporates all the characteristic corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel. In addition, this metal is formed with nitrogen, which orients the molecules for super high strength and resistance to bending and torsion. These factors make Nautilloy® the ideal composition for any prop shaft. We stock, or have one-day delivery of, shafts in most diameters, in almost any custom length up to 18 feet.


The same pre-radiused extruded brass material as described for prop nut kits.

Keys are cut from pre-radiused extruded keystock for proper fit in prop end of shaft. Thus, there is no contact in fillet areas; such contact would lead to early shaft failure. Material is pure brass, compatible with bronze propellers.

nautilloy® propeller shafting

Prop Nut Kits

All prop nuts are machined on a CNC turning center from extruded barstock, ensuring a Class 3 fit on all sizes. Material is compatible with XM21, Aquamet 19, Marinox or NautilloyĆ¢ shafting and will not seize once installed. All prop nuts are made with extra wall thickness to mate compatibly with all propeller hubs, and a large washer face to allow easier tightening during installation. All features meet or exceed ABYC standards.

Cotter pins are corrosion-resistant 304 18-8 stainless steel, sized as specified by ABYC. Except as noted, kits contain one full nut and one jam nut, one cotter pin, and one key (sled-runner style) to fit wheel-cut keyway.

Composite Packing Material

A high-tech non-asbestos composite fiber impregnated with virgin PTFE suspended and internally saturated with a proprietary lubricant. Substantially less abrasive than asbestos, yet still able to withstand temperatures up to 500i F (200i C). Excellent water-tight sealing ability with less required leakage at rest to compensate for frictional heat expansion when under way. Ideal for shaft stuffing box and standard flex packing material for rudder box applications.

For a quote, please call or e-mail for shafting, keystock, prop nut kits or composite packing material.

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