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Max-Prop propellers for sailboats

Since the 1970’s, Max-Prop is an industry leading low drag propeller brand for sailboats. Max-Prop technology has proven itself around the world on cruising and racing boats. Call us at 425-743-9100 for more information regarding our Max-Prop propellers.

Two blade Classic propellers

In the early 1970's, the original Max Prop was developed in a two-blade model designed primarily for racing sailboats to provide improved low-drag efficiency and was so successful that it was soon in demand by the general public. One of it's greatest selling points is the efficiency obtained not only in forward, but also in reverse, as well as the greatly reduced drag when under sail. The versatility of the design also allows the pitch to be changed to allow the maximum performance with most all engines, hull designs, and combinations, which means you no longer have to buy a new propeller to obtain the benefit of a pitch change.


Three blade Easy sailing propellers

As more general use of the two-blade Classic occurred in the 1980's, Max-Prop designed a three-blade propeller intended to benefit sailors who enjoy cruising, as well as sailing. The three-Blade Easy provides the obvious benefit of more blade area moving more water in a steadier power curve, reducing vibration and increasing power in full load conditions.

The reduced drag under sail is still as effective with the three-blade as with the two-blade, and the pitch of the three-blade is also adjustable to give you the greatest opportunity to obtain the most efficient operation of your boat/motor/use combination.

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