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We sell propellers

We have a large selection of new and rebuilt Inboard Marine Propellers, including such brands as:

  • Michigan Propellers - Sailor Propellers, DynaJet Propellers and DynaQuad Propellers
  • OJ Propellers
  • Acme Propellers
  • Nakashima Propellersv
  • Hung-Shen Propellers
  • CJR Propellers
  • Z-F Propellers

Our new and rebuilt sailing propellers include:

Prop Shop LTD sells new and rebuilt outboard propellers from the following manufacturers:

  • OMC Propellers
  • Johnson Propellers
  • Solas Propellers
  • Mercury Propellers
  • Quicksilver Propellers
  • Volvo/Penta Propellers
  • Michigan Propellers
  • PowerTech Propellers
  • Suzuki Propellers
  • Yamaha Propellers
  • Honda Propellers
  • Nissan/Tohatsu Propellers
  • Force Propellers
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Prop Shop, LTD repair service

We repair propellers by adding back diameter whenever possible; welding to replace missing material to return the propeller to full diameter. We have pitch blocks for most props enabling us to restore damaged props' pitch angles; in most cases back to or better than factory specifications.

Propeller repair process

  • Damage to a propeller can be fixed
  • We weld on new metal to get prop back to original diameter as well as fixing pitch angles
  • Your propeller is then sandblasted, ground, and polished like new

Repair prices are based on size, type & material of propeller; welding is additional depending on how much material is missing.

For a quote, please call, e-mail, or fax us for a repair price for your prop; or bring your prop to our shop for a full estimate.

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