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pss shaft seals

The PSS System

Three Year Manufacturer's Guarantee / A.B.S. Approved Made in the USA. Check out the PSS Shaft Seals catalog to learn more.

PSS System uses a dripless, maintenance-free, stuffing box replacement unit. PSS Shaft Seals are mechanical seals that use self-aligning carbon-graphite stators which ensure a 100% watertight seal that has a record of proven reliability. This seal will greatly reduce or eliminate shaft wear and minimize corrosion. Stock sizes fit shafts from 3/4" to 3 3/4" (22mm to 95mm) and larger sizes are available by special order. Please call us for additional information and a quote.

Quality components make the difference

The manufacturer's use of high quality materials make the PSS Shaft Seal the best shaft seal product to put on your boat.

High Density Carbon/Graphite Flange

This Space Age composite is machined to shape; the face is then lapped to 4 light bands and after installation of the PSS shaft seal the carbon/graphite face will polish the stainless steel rotor face during the start-up minutes of operation.

This polishing process is what helps ensure a perfect seal and eliminate the necessity of a spray guard. This high density composite material greatly increases impact and wear resistance, while at the same time a maximum operating temperature of 500F enables the carbon to guard against virtually any overheating situation, unlike other seals using plastic derivatives. Under normal operating conditions the carbon/graphite flange should never need replacing.

pss system

Stainless Steel Rotor

The one piece stainless steel (Type 316) rotor slides down to be secured to the propeller shaft with double set screws. Computer controlled lathes maintain the precision tolerances of this product. Under normal operating conditions, the stainless steel rotor should not ever need replacing.

Nitrile Bellow

The superior resistance to petroleum based products and set retention is provided by Nitrile, an elastomer that also offers increased product life, and a great combination of durability, strength and elasticity.

Flexible Shaft Couplings

Reduce engine noise and transmission vibrations with flexible shaft couplings from R&D Marine. To learn more about our supply of couplings, call us at (425) 743-9100.

flexible shaft coupling