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Prop Shop, LTD - Propeller, Impeller Repairs and Sales

Looking for a trusted and experienced company to repair your impeller or propeller? Prop Shop, LTD has been serving clients in both the fishing and river boat tourism industries with propeller and impeller repairs services since 19??.

Our impeller and propeller repair service consists of a detail process where our staff closely examines and when possible makes repairs to the impeller or propeller's original specifications. To learn more about our repair services, visit the impeller or propeller repair services pages.

If you are looking to replace your impeller or propeller, our helpful staff will assist you in purchasing a new impeller or propeller that best meets your vessel’s needs. Visit our impeller or propeller salespages for a list of manufacturers or stop by our shop if you live in the Seattle or Everett area.

Prop Shop, LTD offers services world-wide. We can ship impellers and propellers domestically and internationally; specializing with fast turnaround service.

Impeller and Propeller Manufacturers